What Is the Cheapest Audi SUV?

The cheapest Audi SUV is the Audi Q3, which has a starting price of around $36,000 in the United States. The Q3 is a compact SUV that offers a good balance of practicality, performance, and luxury. It comes standard with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 184 horsepower and is paired with an eight-speed … Read more

Does Ford Own Shelby?

Ford does not own Shelby, but there is a close relationship between the two companies. Carroll Shelby was an American automotive designer and race car driver who founded the Shelby American company in 1962. Shelby American is known for producing high-performance versions of Ford vehicles, such as the iconic Shelby Mustang. In 1965, Shelby and … Read more

What Is Touge Racing?

Touge racing is a form of motorsport that originated in Japan, and it involves racing on narrow, winding mountain roads. The word “touge” literally translates to “pass” or “mountain pass” in Japanese. The courses used for touge racing are typically narrow, winding roads with tight turns and steep gradients, and drivers must navigate these challenging … Read more